Upon reading this book you will discover “The SEED In YOU” and why you must grow it! I created a simple and easy 3-step proven success system revealing how the success of health and wellness of the body parallels the success in all areas of your life.

– About the Author

“Coach Mike” was on top of the world when he received life-changing news that impacted his life, forever. His grandmother was dying from cancer. He couldn’t do anything to help her. As she was lying on her deathbed she asked him to promise her one thing. Share with everyone in the world the gift God gave him to make other people’s lives better in health and wellness. He kept that promise.

His vision is to inspire people from the heart with faith-based principles transitioning them from a breaking point to a breakthrough in their health and wellness. Coach Mike is highly sought after for his ENERGY and PURE PASSION. He speaks nationally and internationally, motivating and teaching how success systems for health and wellness to the body, parallel all areas of life.